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Kancelaria FK – from setting up in 2006 – offers ongoing and project based consultancy services for entrepreneurs, concentrating on providing legal services to business sector. Among several dozen of Kancelaria FK Clients there are big manufacturing companies, investment funds, enterprises traded on Warsaw Stock Exchange, but also companies from service, finance, transportation, construction, energy and development sectors. Legal services are being provided in entire Poland and abroad, also for foreign Clients.



Representation of shareholders of enterprise operating in trading receivables and recovery sector during the process of capital increase by the investor acquiring a majority stake

Responsibility for enterprise action – legal representation regarding damage claims

Consultancy on damage claims (occupational illnesses) for leading manufacturers in their sectors

Legal representation regarding multi-milion damage claims (contractual and tortious liability, construction work)

Collective labor law (legal advice during termination of collective agreements and introduction of new conditions of employment)


Legal consulting and comprehensive legal services during employment restructuring process (large company)

Legal handling of real estate trade transaction of significant nominal value

Legal representation during litigation with internation large-area network, which resulted with favourable for a Client sentence given by court of second instance

Liquidation of investment fund – carrying out the process

Legal representation before The Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Legal representation of minority shareholders during the process of disinvestment of leading operator of electronic payments in Poland

Cross-border merger of four limited companies (comprehensive legal handling of the process)

Squeeze out in joint-stock company, which is a part of one of the biggest aluminium groups in Central Eastern Europe (comprehensive legal handling of the process)


Proceedings before UOKIK and obtaining approval for concentration of enterprises

Formation, capitalization and legal servicing of two funds investing on real estate market

Obtaining favourable for the Client sentencing in case of unequal treatment and discrimination in employment (labour law)

Representation in a big trial against global international retail chain resulting in favourable ruling for the Client

Representation before Supreme Court resulting in cassation appeal dismissal

Preparation of a standpoint regarding form of exercising of right of pre-emption in pursuit of claims from preliminary contract


Formation and on-going legal service of property investment fund

Formation, capitalisation (100 MIO) and legal service of closed fund investing in residential and commercial real estate in Cracow, Warsaw and Gdansk

Lawsuit won for the developer related to creation of large retail store

Buyout and liquidation of first in Poland non public property fund investing in residential real estate

As one of the pioneers we carry out Pre-Pack procedure in bankruptcy proceedings

Favorable for the Client cancellation of tax proceeding regarding VAT tax of total amount of 10 million

Representation before Supreme Court in case for Legal Principle ruling (resolution of 7 judges of the Polish Supreme Court – resolving significant legal issue and dispute in judicature)


Delisting of an enterprise traded on Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW)

Issuing prospectus

Tender offer for shares

Big Polish and Cypriot bond issues

Obtaining 9 precedent-setting judgments before NSA regarding prefferentiat excise rate for fuel oils

Proceedings before UOKIK and obtaining approval for businesses concentration


Formation and legal service of first closed fund investing in prestigious residential real estate in Cracow

Legal service of processes related to use of intellectual property for enterprise from a group owning and distributing sport supplements


Legal services in internal reorganization processes

Legal services resulting in win regarding legal proceedings with former members of a capital company’s board

Recognition in ‘IX Ranking of law firms’ by ‘Gazeta Prawna’ daily

Obtaining and realization of collateral in proceedings regarding combating unfair competition for sport and diet supplements market leader (fmcg)


Comprehensive legal services regarding HR management and personnel policy in Automotive sector

Execution of dozen or so audits required for investment transactions


Investment agreement – investment into enterprise specializing in purchasing and recovery of receivables portfolios with nominal value from several to several hundred millions złotys

Legal handling of purchase transaction – purchase of 10.935 shares from State Treasury by NFI

Legal handling of acquisition transactions for Poland-wide protection agency

Legal counsel regarding stock exchange debut – for air ticket sales potentate

Legal handling of options programme for manager for yachts manufacturer


Legal handling of purchase from State Treasury transaction  – 85 % shares (25.330.000 shares) of enterprise in woodwork sector. Nominal value of transaction exceeded 65.000.000 PLN

Legal handling of package of shares purchase by sector investor, leading German HR consulting

Transfer of permission for non-public academy and laws of incorporation for University College of Social Sciences

Comprehensive legal consulting in HR management and personnel policy in automotive sector

Legal handling of management options programme

Legal consulting regarding restructuring management structure for engineering company

legal consulting regarding contracts for organization of mega SMS lottery with total awards value exceeding 6.000.000 PLN

Legal handling of bond issue process with total nominal value of 90.000.000 PLN

Legal handling of debt restructuring related to currency options including process of tax optimization of expenditure incurred for the purchase of claim related to currency options. Transaction value (1): 19.000.000 PLN; transaction value (2) – 43.000.000 PLN

Bond issue for total value of 5.000.000 PLN – legal services

Legal handling of own shares buyout, transaction value – 30.000.000 PLN

Formation of Private Equity Fund – legal services. Assets value – 216.000.000 PLN

Legal handling of share capital increase by 58.000.000 PLN

Legal handling of bond issue for total value of 100.000.000 PLN


Employment optimization in automotive sector – legal services

Legal consulting in limited company liquidation in the personnel management in capital group aspect

Capital transformations for TSL sector potentate

Legal handling of own share buyout; preparation of a programm, total transaction value 20.000.000,00 PLN

Legal handling of investment for apartment building „Gorące Źródła” in Zakopane for development firm

Legal services – contract for preparation and execution of audiotele lottery for leading mobile telecom operator

Legal consulting for a bank regarding real estate needed to establish network of banking outlets

Legal handling of big construction investment


Legal supervision of medical enterprise purchase for financial investor

Transformation of medical limited company into joint stock company. Transaction value exceeds 16.000.000 PLN

Legal handling of property purchase and hospital development for medical enterprise

Comprehensive legal handling of process of investors joining yacht manufacturer enterprise

Legal consulting regarding investment operations – hyper- and supermarkets

Legal handling of usage of intellectual property for the enterprise from group owning and distributing luxury products.


Legal handling of restructuring metallurgy company

Management buy-out (MBO) of clothing company – legal handling


Legal representation for municipality (Lesser Poland)

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